External Playground Markings

External Playground Markings

We can provide external playground markings to brighten up your existing area and supply fun games and activities for your students.

Tarmac Line Marking

Tarmac Line Marking

We can carry out tarmac line marking to produce fun designs which young children can use for playing exciting games and educational activities.

Educational Thermoplastic Graphics

Educational Thermoplastic Graphics

Our company install educational thermoplastic graphics to help children learn whilst playing outdoors, there are many design options including letters, numbers and maps.

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External Playground Markings

We can install graphics to meet up with individual needs and requirements, making a unique area for schools across the United Kingdom.

In order to make a fun environment for children to play in, external primary school playground markings can be installed to an existing tarmac surface.

External playground markings can be installed in different colours to create vibrant patterns which will improve the overall look of the existing area.

There are tonnes of designs which are available for schools, nurseries, and parks.

Educational designs like geographical maps, number grids, and clocks may be installed in schools to improve OFSTED ratings and allow children to learn while they play outside.


External playground markings are durable and tend to last a long time, even throughout bad weather.

Very little maintenance is required after the graphics have been installed making them perfect for parks, schools, and nurseries.

If you would like to find out more about the different patterns we have available in and the details on costs, make sure you fill out the contact box and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Sports Line Markings Near Me

With regard to activity patterns, our specialists may apply football, tennis, netball, basketball and multi-sports lines.

These sports lines let local primary school students make use of the all-weather area, which suggests the flooring could be useful for physical education sessions.

Our nearby sports line marking services can be modified to meet individual requirements and spending budgets. Therefore if you currently have a small area or a low budget, we could reduce the size of sports court to meet your needs.

Not only does sports line marking increase sports participation, but they can also help with OFSTED reports. This is because your primary school will be rewarded if your surrounding area has the opportunity for increased fitness and educational play.

In the event you currently have school playground markings that have become worn or faded through time, our experienced professional team will come out to site and enhance pre-existing graphics, enhancing the facility aesthetically.

Outdoor Surface Paintings Near Me

We are able to carry out outdoor surface painting services in an attempt to completely transform your existing area.

We may paint onto existing tarmac using a number of different colours to suit your preferences and create a bright, colourful design.

It's not just playgrounds which we could transform; we are also able to paint onto the tarmac https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/flooring/tarmac/ to create bus lanes, cycle lanes, pathways and more.

When carrying out painting for these types of surfaces, we can use a specialist anti-skid paint which is perfect for these types of areas.

If you would like to find out more about the outdoor surface painting we may carry out please fill in the contact form provided on this page.

External Play Graphics

Our specialists will provide a range of different services the client can choose from, thanks to our experience of external playground markings.

Our professional installers can install an assortment of distinctive patterns and coloured markings that youngsters can engage in and use to learn worthwhile skills.

Our company offers an array of recreational surface designs to suit kids of all ages, these could include things like animal markings, traditional markings as well as activities linings.

Very little disturbance on the flooring is caused by setting up plastic surface designs, as they will be installed fairly quickly and are generally long-lasting and sturdy.

Any kind of designs presently in the area may be repaired or washed by the expert team to ensure that they're working well. We will also clear away older graphics, if they have got faded, and substitute these for a completely different design.

Having said that we can also strengthen current graphics by reapplying the markings, enhancing the appearance of the play area.

Look here - https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/games/creative/ to find out more about the designs we have available which can be perfect for your facility. 

Preformed Thermoplastic Designs

The preformed thermoplastic designs that we can apply are made from thermoplastic shapes that are laid out on top of the preferred area and heated up until they soften and adhere to the tarmac flooring.

The customer can select from an array of unique colour choices, styles and technical specs for the graphics.

The contractors can apply a colour coating on the entire tarmac surface before applying the new markings, this will improve the appearance and characteristics of the recreational surface.

It's common for educational organisations and play groups closest to you to get thermoplastic play area designs applied all over the United Kingdom.

To find out more look here - https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/facility/play-areas/ or speak to our professionals now. 

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Educative patterns may comprise of snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number squares; the reason being they've got numbers on and so the kids shall be learning from the exercise.

Having these kinds of exciting playground designs will give youngsters the opportunity to be more active and enjoy taking part in educative games.

We will install external playground markings that are related to the kids' countrywide learning course.

This element helps to boost your primary school's inspection report and marks, as these style of external playground markings can offer the potential for kids to learn skills better.

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