HDPE Play Panels in Ardverikie

HDPE Play Panels in Ardverikie

We offer a range of play panels and wall graphics for children's play areas which are ideal for promoting educational development and social skills for school children.

Wall Games for School  in Ardverikie

Wall Games for School in Ardverikie

Not only do these provide fun and entertainment but they also keep the children's minds active helping them to learn and concentrate through the school day.

Panel Games to Play in Ardverikie

Panel Games to Play in Ardverikie

Games for the wall panels include noughts and crosses, draughts, four in a row, snakes and ladders etc. and these all encourage outdoor play which improves a child's social skills.

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Wall Graphics For Schools in Ardverikie

We can supply a number of wall graphics for schools in Ardverikie PH20 1 as a way to create more occupations and improve children's playtime.

There are a range of play panels to choose from, which allow children to interact and have fun whilst learning. We could install the wall graphics for schools in a variety of different colours and designs to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Wall games are particularly good for people at the Early Years Foundation Stage, as they allow the children to learn new skills and progress. 

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We can provide you with more information on the mounted play graphics which we have available if required. Simply fill in the contact box for more information and details on prices and activities.

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What is a HDPE Play Panel?

A HDPE panel in Ardverikie is a high-density polyethylene panel which is installed on a wall which provides fun occupations for children.

Some of the more popular activity graphics include snakes and ladders, clocks, noughts and crosses, mazes as well as drawing.

This activity panel allows children to take part in the imaginative play and role-play which can help improve school inspection scores.

The HDPE material is quite cheap, generally making the HDPE panels inexpensive.

This type of material is also water resistant meaning that it can be used outdoors; this means that the activity graphics can be installed in external playgrounds, which helps to improve the school's playtime activities.

If you are wanting to learn more regarding wall graphics and how they could be used for sports such as basket ball, look here - https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/sports/basketball/highland/ardverikie/ and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

Wall Play Panel Targets Near Me

In order to improve children's throwing and coordination skills, you may want to think about having mounted play panel targets installed.

The targets allow children to work as part of a team and enjoy new occupations during lessons and playtime. Such activity graphics may help to improve your OFSTED report, as they will be looking for things like this which help to improve the children's learning skills.

Targets come in a range of different colours and sizes, so you can choose which you would prefer for your playground. If you've got a lower budget, we may supply smaller and more affordable panel targets.

If you would like to have a target installed in Ardverikie PH20 1 or you would like details on the graphics we supply to your surrounding areas, please fill in our contact form.  

Wall Graphic Games to Play in Ardverikie

If you're looking for wall graphic games to play for your school or nursery, we are able to assist you. We have a wide selection of games for schools which you can choose from and each of these will have their own individual benefits to children's learning.

The graphic game panels are generally maintenance free, apart from occasional cleaning to keep them in top condition.

If you're interested in finding out more information regarding the range of graphics we have available including creative designs, look here - https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/flooring/external/highland/ardverikie/ or get in touch with a member of our team today. 

School Games for Walls Near Me

There is a range of school activities for walls which can be installed. Some of the more traditional games include noughts and crosses, chess, draughts, four in a row, numbers along with snakes and ladders.

These types of games encourage children to enjoy them together, which improves interaction and communication skills. School occupations for walls or fences may be used inside and outside and they offer fun and exciting activities for children of all ages.

You may find that some activity panel occupations are more suited to EYFS https://www.preformedplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/education/early-years/highland/ardverikie/ and others more suitable for KS1 and KS2.

We can help you choose which activity panels are more suited for the students at your school and we could also modify specifications to meet your requirements. For example, we may offer a range of different colours to suit your preferences.


It is important for local schools to have activities for children to play during breaks. This will keep their minds working and introduce them to new skills, which is critical at the early stages of a person's life.

We can supply a number of activities for schools and nurseries closest to you in Ardverikie PH20 1 so do not hesitate to contact us.

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