Thermoplastic Playground Marking

Thermoplastic Playground Marking

It is common for schools, nurseries and play parks to have thermoplastic playground graphics installed. We can install a variety of designs to transform these areas.

Heat Applied Thermo Plastics

Heat Applied Thermo Plastics

The heat applied thermo plastics which we install are available in a variety of different colours and designs to suit individual needs and requirements.

Educational Thermoplastic Graphics

Educational Thermoplastic Graphics

If you are looking for educational thermoplastic graphics, we are able to install number lines, multiplication grids, maps and more.

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Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Welcome to our thermoplastics page. Here you can find out more about the heat applied graphics we can install.

Thermoplastic playground markings are extremely popular for children's play facilities.

Vibrant and exciting designs can be created to improve playgrounds and better children's playing experiences.

You will typically find these sorts of graphics in schools and nurseries, as they offer fun games for children to enjoy.

We understand that smaller schools may have a much lower budget which is why we are able to provide more cost-effective graphics for academic establishments.

These are often smaller but offer the same high quality as those which are more expensive.

Our installers will only use premium materials; there may be cheaper contractors out there but we guarantee a high-quality material finished to a good standard.

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We can provide you with more information regarding thermo plastic playground markings which we install along with advice on designs and specifications.

Check out the contact form on this page and send us your details to get in touch.

Thermoplastic Floor Marking Designs Near Me

You are able to customise your thermoplastic graphics to suit your individual requirements and match other playground markings which are already on a surface.

Thermoplastic floor marking designs can dramatically enhance your school or nursery playground as well as improve the activities for the students. We're also able to install designs that will be connected to the pupils' nationwide work course.

Through this approach, your primary school's inspection review and scores could possibly be increased because of possibilities for children to learn more effectively.

If you would like to discuss our thermoplastic design range with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us using the enquiry form on this page. 

Thermo Plastics Play Area Games

We'll provide a selection of expert services relating to coloured playground markings for schools, playgroups, and parks.

Our skilled workers can apply a wide range of different patterns and brightly coloured playground markings which children can engage in and make use of to achieve worthwhile capabilities.

The different types of thermoplastics play area games our installers implement can incorporate traditional games, maths squares, sporting activity playground markings and cartoon pictures in numerous colour choices and sizings.

When it comes to competitive sports line-markings our installers may apply soccer, tennis, netball, basketball and all-purpose playground markings.

This helps to ensure that schools and public areas closest to you could be used more effectively and children will make the most out of using the play surface.

As playground graphics industry experts closest to you, we can furthermore carry out refurbishment work for pre-existing designs which may have grown worn out or faded with time. 

How to Install Thermoplastic Markings

When looking to install thermoplastic markings it is important that you have trusted installers available to carry out the job for you. As experts we follow these simple steps:

  1. Discuss with you the graphics that you would like installed 
  2. Lay them in the location you have chosen
  3. Add heat to the plastic to make them melt into the surface

Once you have installed your thermoplastic markings, it is important that you maintain the area.

This can help extend the life time of the flooring which will reduce the chances of removals having to be carried out. 

Heat Applied Thermoplastic Installation Near Me

The plastic lines are installed by applying hot temperatures to the graphics, which sticks these on the asphalt flooring.

A variety of unique colours and graphics are on offer so it's possible to pick whatever graphics you'd like for your play surface which will accommodate the kids making use of it.

The workers can put on a paint finish on the entire macadam area in advance of applying the new designs, this will improve the appearance and characteristics of the play surface.

Many nearby primary schools, children's nurseries and parks throughout the UK have play surface designs installed on tarmac surface.

Educative designs can be created during heat applied thermoplastic installation; these may comprise of snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number games; the reason being they have got numbers on therefore the kids shall be learning through the game.

Local people could be strengthened by these different types of school playground markings, while at the same time helping children to get significantly more energetic. 


The employment of plastic play graphics is simple and the end results should be long-lasting and hard wearing during significant use by children regularly.

Old designs can be fixed and preserved quickly and easily by our own specialists. Furthermore, we will also provide removing of unwanted playground markings which have become faded on account of time and these may be reinstalled with a fresh pattern.

In contrast we could additionally enhance old playground markings through reapplying the graphics, boosting the appearance of the play area.

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