Kindergarten Playground Markings

Kindergarten Playground Markings

If you are looking for kindergarten marking experts, we offer a wide choice of products and services in creating fun outdoor games areas for kids to enjoy.

Outdoor Learning Areas

Outdoor Learning Areas

There are many benefits of playing outdoors as children are able to learn while they enjoy different games, and information is retained more easily through these games.

EYFS Educational Designs

EYFS Educational Designs

These educational markings are designed to help children learn whilst using their imagination to make up new games and have fun with others.

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Kindergarten Marking Experts

As kindergarten marking experts [POSTCODE] we can create a play area that is not only fun for children to play in, but also encourages them to learn and excel themselves. 

Every kindergarten needs to have a fun playground where children can enjoy outdoor games and activities during the day.

We have a range of designs and graphics available so you're always sure to find exactly what you are looking for, at a great price. 

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Be sure to get in touch with our team if you'd like further information on the costs for playground marking at your facility. We'll happily provide you with a quote for one of the many services we offer.

As marking experts we have expert knowledge and experience to be sure that you get exactly what you need.

Playground Marking Experts Near Me

We have a range of knowledge of playground marking which enables us to perform a number of different expert services which should fulfill the customer's requirements.

Our company's installers guarantee that the kindergarten play area marking is entertaining and beneficial for the children so a number of distinct games may be enjoyed, stopping the youngsters from getting fed up.

The different types of graphics we implement may include classic activities, math boxes, sports line marking and cartoon figures in a number of colour choices and patterns.

Common designs which might be used for sporting events can include football, basketball, tennis or netball and all of these can be used for countless other activities at the same time.

These games designs enable kindergarten centres to take advantage of all-weather surface, meaning the flooring can even be helpful for PE sessions.

Our playground surfacing experts, closest to you, can also improve current designs which have faded and become worn out over time; boosting the facility aesthetically for you and the kids.

You can find out more information here -- to see how EYFS can benefit from playground markings. 

Thermoplasic Playground Graphics 

As kindergarten marking specialists, we have years of experience and expert knowledge so you are sure to always get great results.

When looking to improve your kindergarten, it is important that you have the right materials and installers on hand to always get the best finish.

We always recommend that you take a look at a range of installers to ensure you're getting a great quality, at a great price.

You can look here -] to see everything your need to know about preformed playgrounds markings.

If you would like to find out more information or speak to our marking experts, get in touch with us today. We are happy to give you all the details you require to ensure you're happy to final product. 

Graphic Design

The play area graphics made from a variety of plastic; they will be installed onto an asphalt playground by means of applying heat to the graphics and melting them to the playground.

All the designs can be found in a range of different colours, designs, and requirements that can fit what the client requires.

We are experts and can colour the asphalt surface prior to installing the recreational surface designs near me if needed, this makes it look like a whole new surface since it will undoubtedly be substantially brighter as well as ensure the markings are noticeable.

It is common for educational organisations and play groups to get thermoplastic playground markings applied all over the UK.

You're able to pick from many different educational designs to suit your local kindergarten as well as conventional activities, geographical maps, and exciting animal figures.

The community might be brought together with these sorts of playground designs, while additionally inviting children to grow much more energetic.

Our nearby specialists are also able to work with the kids' national learning course to make the designs.

This will help to to boost the primary school or nurseries inspection record and scores since these style of graphics will offer the potential for children to learn skills far better.

Thermoplastic Markings Installers

The application of plastic playground graphics is fast and the ultimate result should be long lasting and hard wearing through intense usage by youngsters everyday.

Just about any designs already on the flooring could be restored or cleaned by our own professional installers to ensure they are looking perfect.

Aside from that, we are able to also offer removal of outdated markings that have become worn-out on account of time and these are often replaced with a brand new pattern.

On the flip side, we will additionally boost current graphics simply by relining the graphics, improving the look of your recreational surface.


If you require any repairs to your kindergarten markings or surrounding area, please feel free to get in touch with our experts via the provided contact form. We can either supply a repair kit or a full-service repair depending on the scale and severity of your damages.

For example, if your surface is crumbling or is slightly misplaced, a small repair kit may be better for you to save money and gain all of the necessary repairs you need.

However, if your surface is very damaged, it is worth enquiring about a full-scale repair by our specialist team. Although repair kits are cheaper, they require all the labour to be completed by you.

The full-scale repair consists of our specialist team of experts who will provide an efficient, excellent service for your kindergarten marking.

Other Education Services We Offer

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