Play Area Marking

Play Area Marking

We have worked with a number of schools and nurseries in the UK by installing play area marking designs for children to enjoy.

Playground Graphic Designs

Playground Graphic Designs

We are able to install playground graphic designs to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Play Markings for Nurseries

Play Markings for Nurseries

By installing play markings for nurseries, you are able to improve children's participation in outdoor activities, which can help improve OFSTED ratings.

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Play Area Markings

As professional graphic installers, we are able to apply play area markings to existing surfaces which need to be improved.

The bright colours of the graphic designs help to improve the overall look at the playground and make the facility much more fun for young people.

If you are thinking of having thermoplastic graphics installed on your school or nursery play space, we have loads of designs to choose from.

Our experts can also install sports line markings if you want to improve PE lessons at your establishment.


If you're interested in finding out more information regarding school playground markings, feel free to contact our team today. We are able to give you everything you need to know to ensure you get the results that are ideal for your playground.

As we have a range of designs available, we can always find something that will suit your playground or other facility closest to you.

Just fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Our company has a range of experience with school playground markings which enables us to perform a variety of expert services which can meet up with the customer's specifications.

To make sure the children are having a good time we provide several playground surface markings which are not just educational but also enjoyable for the kids. Each client can decide on a variety of styles - suiting different age ranges - like animals, typical activities and competitive sports.

We can carry out thermoplastic line marking for sporting activities like football, tennis, netball, basketball and multi-activity areas.

These games let primary schools take advantage of the all-weather playarea, which means the facility could even be helpful for sports sessions.

In the event you currently have playground designs and they've become worn and diminished with time, our experienced professional team can come to nearby playground and improve existing lines, boosting the facility and its surrounding areas visually.

Children's Play Area Designs 

When designing children's play areas we have a range of graphics to suit all facilities across the UK. As specialists, we have years of experience dealing with a number of cases and have expert knowledge.

Whether you require a design for a nearby priamry school or installation service, we are on hand to give you what you're looking for.

Speak to us today to find out more information. 

Play Area Surface Designs Near Me

We are professional installers of thermoplastic markings for playgrounds in schools, nurseries, parks, and various other establishments.

Our company can alter playground surface markings to meet individual requirements; for example, you can choose from a variety of different colours and we could change the size to meet your spending budget and the space in which you have available.

The thermoplastic graphics are put in by applying heat to the graphics, melting these on the surface. They are available in a number of different designs that can fit exactly what the client requires.

If required, we can apply paint to the macadam flooring before we put down the playground graphics, which makes the surface seem brand new, because it should be a lot more bright.

It's quite common for local schools and day care centres to get thermoplastic playground markings installed all over the UK.

Academic designs might include snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number tracks; this is because they have numbers on so that the children will likely be learning from the game.

Local people might be brought together with these types of recreational markings, whilst additionally encouraging children to be significantly more energetic.

Our specialists closest to you, are also able to work with the kids' countrywide learning curriculum to influence the patterns.

As a result, your school’s inspection record and scores might be enhanced due to opportunities for youngsters to learn much better.

Re-Marking Playground Graphics

Very little disruption is caused by setting up thermoplastic graphics, as they will be installed swiftly and tend to be long lasting and sturdy. Any design currently on the flooring may be repaired or cleaned by the expert installers to ensure they are looking perfect.

Furthermore, we're able to also offer elimination of old line marks which happen to have become worn-out on account of time and these may be replaced with a brand new pattern.

In case you do not want the old pattern to get replaced, our company offers a reapplication solution which can boost your old marks and enhance the aesthetics of your playground.

Re-marking playground graphics will be more cost effective than replacing them with new line markings, however, if you want to completely transform the area near me you may want to consider brand new designs.

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Proactive maintenance of your facility will ensure that your playarea is frequently in a great shape and requires no repairs. This will help to prevent damages or blockages of the area.

If the pores of the surface become blocked, you could be provided with some negative consequences such as flooding and waterlogging.

Although this does not seem like a big deal, it can lead to severe, permanent damages to the surface and can cause a hazard to the children playing in the play area.

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