Preformed Markings for Play Parks

Preformed Markings for Play Parks

We are able to install a range of different preformed markings for play parks which offer children a fun area to enjoy lots of games.

Playground Marking Restoration

Playground Marking Restoration

Our professionals can carry out playground marking restoration in order to improve existing markings and bring back their original qualities.

Thermoplastic Graphics

Thermoplastic Graphics

Thermoplastic graphics may be installed in play parks, schools and nurseries to create educational games for children to enjoy.

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Preformed Markings for Play Parks

We install preformed markings for a play park to improve the children's experience when using the park.

It is important for young people to have a range of different games to enjoy when outside. A number of different designs could be applied to existing tarmac to improve the appearance of the area.

A number of vibrant colours may also be used when applying preformed markings for play parks to improve the user experience. 

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We are able to alter our specifications to suit your individual needs. If you would like to discuss customising park graphics, please make use of the contact box we have on this page.

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with more information and advice regarding your park. 

Recreational Thermoplastic Graphics Near Me

We can offer a selection of products and services relating to colourful recreational thermoplastics for a nearby school or park.

Our professional contractors can create a wide range of distinctive patterns and coloured graphics that kids can enjoy and use to learn worthwhile capabilities.

We offer a wide range of play area options in order to suit children of any age, these could include things like character flooring, classic designs and competitive sports lines.

Popular lines which might be used for sporting events might incorporate soccer, tennis, basketball or netball and each of those may be used for countless alternative activities at the same time.

These types of games allow schools to make the most of the all-weather flooring, so this means the surface could even be useful for PE sessions.

Should you presently have playground line graphics and they have become worn out or diminished through time, our trained professional staff will come out to you and improve an existing local park, enhancing the surrounding area aesthetically.

You can look here - to find out more information regarding outdoor floor markings for a range of facilities across the UK. 

Play Park Designs

When designing play parks we find the graphics that suit you. Depending upon the age of youngsters within the facility, the designs that we install could be tailored to suit your preferences.

Some graphics we supply and install are thermoplastic which give you bold, exciting designs in a range of colours and patterns.

You can learn more here - to find out everything you need to know regarding thermoplastic designs for play parks. Or speak to our team today to find out more. 

Restore Play Area Markings

The effective use of plastic activity designs is simple and the final product will undoubtedly be dependable and durable through intense usage by youngsters every day.

Any sort of designs currently on the flooring could be fixed or cleansed by our own skilled staff to ensure that they're working well.

If you have outdated and depleted playground graphics, we will substitute this with an all new vibrantly coloured thermoplastic markings design.

If you do not require the previous graphics to be replaced, we offer a reapplication solution which will upgrade your old graphics and strengthen the appearance of your recreational surface.

Educational Play Designs

In order to enhance the park you may want to include educational designs. These help children near me, particularly in early years, learn and interact with others, which enables them to learn new skills.

Some educational graphics which we are able to install closest to you include multiplication tables, maps, roadways, numbered hopscotches and clocks.

You are able to choose from these designs and you may also personalise them to match other preformed markings on the park.


These thermoplastics are put in by adding heat to the preformed designs with a burner which sticks them on the asphalt floor. You can select from a number of distinct colourings, styles and specifications for your area.

If necessary, we can apply paint to the tarmacadam flooring before our team put down the preformed playground line graphics, helping to make the surfacing look brand new, mainly because it should be a lot brighter.

A lot of primary schools, day care centres and leisure areas in the UK have got preformed playground markings applied on the macadam surface.

Educational designs tend to be an option, as an example we could apply snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number games; these can assist the children in learning skills while taking part in energetic games.

These particular playground patterns might help bring the community together and also really encourage children in becoming even more energetic and have fun while learning new skills.

These can be great for a number of facilities across the UK including creches, nurseries, schools as well as many more.

The patterns we have offered can be designed in order to suit national learning guidelines and activities. By doing this, your school’s Ofsted review and scores may be enhanced due to opportunities for kids to learn significantly better.

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