Playground Painting

Playground Painting

Our specialists can carry out playground painting across the UK to dramatically transform dull and lifeless areas.

Painted Tarmac Designs

Painted Tarmac Designs

You can choose from an array of painted tarmac designs in order to improve the children's experience when using the playground.

Play Area Painters

Play Area Painters

As specialist play area painters, we are able to create unique designs which fit your school or nursery. We can also create activities to improve your school's inspection report.

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Playground Painting

Thank you for visiting our playground painting page. Our team have painted play spaces for over 20 years and have carried out a range of play designs and sports markings.

It is common for playgrounds to have coloured tarmac surfacing and we can carry out playground painting as a way to enhance the overall look of these areas and create a fun and enjoyable play area for children to play in. 

Coloured macadam painting may be used for hard asphalt play area floorings.

Sports line markings and educational games may be added onto surfaces, particularly school playgrounds, via coloured playground markings. Playground painting is what really brightens the area though. 

You can choose from a number of different colours and designs may be added accordingly. Playground painting involves the painting being poured onto the existing tarmac flooring and rolled out evenly.

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If you would like more information on school playground painting or you would like advice on the different designs which we can install over the painting, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tarmac Painters

If you'd like to enhance the overall look of your existing playground, our tarmac painters can help you.

We can paint the flooring in bright colours and incorporate unique designs onto the area using thermoplastic markings, which enables the children to enjoy fun games. Coloured tarmac floors are very beneficial and are available in numerous colours; making them popular in Britain. 

Acrylic tarmacadam painting is mainly used for sports surfacings, like multi-use games areas and tennis courts.

Sports surface playground markings could also be applied to the permeable tarmacadam surface. A non-slip painting may also be added in order to prevent individuals from slipping upon tennis courts and thermoplastic playground markings which could also assist to improve safety.  

High Durability Paint Coatings Near Me

Playgrounds can be completely transformed by our tarmac painters and we may also create sports courts to improve children's participation in PE and sporting activities.

Line markings are usually applied over the coloured tarmac ground to create designs and additional activities. 

We have a variety of experience within school playground markings that enables us to do a number of different expert services which will satisfy the client’s expectations.

In order to make absolutely sure the youngsters are having fun we provide several school playground markings that are not only informative but also exciting for the kids.

Our company offers an array of recreational surface graphics in order to suit children of all ages, these could include character graphics, traditional playground markings as well as sports lines.

Popular lines which might be requested sports could include soccer, netball, tennis or basketball and each of those may be used for a large number of alternative activities at the same time.

These sports markings let nearby schools to make use of the all-weather surface, which means the flooring can even be useful for sports lessons.

If you already have thermoplastic playground markings and they've got worn out or diminished through time, our experienced professional staff can come out to site and enhance old playground markings, enhancing the facility visually.

Paints for Play Area Floor Games

Painted macadam is common in playgrounds stemming from durability, easy application and low price. We have a range of different coloured paints for play area floor games, which can be used for activities such as hopscotches and even sports games.

Once painted your tarmacadam floor requires low maintenance, however, if the flooring has become cracked or damaged in any way, it could be mended with a brand new layer of macadam.

Water can drain through tarmac surfacing very easily, as it's a porous surface that avoids waterlogging and floods.

Tennis facilities can also get a coloured macadam surface, because this kind of surface provides excellent playing qualities.

Non-slip qualities help to better the safety of your surface. It is important to completely clean the floor before applying the paint, this makes the colour stick far better and ensures no dirt is stuck beneath the paint.

If there is dirt there before we complete the school playground painting, the paint could come away with the dirt over time. Markings could then be applied to the clean coloured tarmac to meet the activity your facility is made for. 

The costs and prices will be different depending on many things. A few of the variables which will modify the cost are: the dimensions, overall condition of your surface, surface type and any extra equipment.

Play Ground Paint Specialists Near Me

As local playground paint specialists we are able to create unique designs to cater for different needs. Coloured Tarmac painting is a much cheaper alternative to having coloured surfaces like wetpour installed.

If you're on a low budget or you are looking for a cost effective option to transform your playground, we would highly recommend having your existing surface painted and line-markings installed if necessary.

If you'd like more information on the services our playground paint specialists can carry out, please do not hesitate to contact us using the enquiry form on this page.

Or you can look here - to find all the ways in which the playground markings can suit you. 

Thermoplastic Markings for Painted Surfaces

Thermoplastic markings for painted surfaces are put in by applying heat to the graphics, which sticks these onto the tarmacadam floor. The customer can choose from a variety of different colour choices, patterns and requirements for the graphics.

The contractors may use a painting coating on the entire tarmac surface before laying out the brand new graphics, this should improve the appearance and characteristics of the play surface.

Numerous schools, nurseries and parks closest to you currently have play surface markings installed on the asphalt surfacing.

Educational designs are a choice, for instance, we could apply snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number squares; these will help the youngsters learn skills through participating in active play.

Having these kinds of colourful play area designs can provide kids with  a chance to be much more energetic and also enjoy participating in academic games. We may also put in designs that will be based on pupils' countrywide study course.

Using this method, the primary school's inspection review and scores may very well be enhanced resulting from the potential for kids to learn much better.


The employment of plastic play surface graphics is fast and the end product is going to be long-lasting and strong through intense usage by youngsters day by day.

Our company's team are able to carry out repairs and maintenance easily and quickly for old graphics.

Furthermore, we will also offer removal of older graphics that have already become damaged on account of time and they can be reinstalled with a brand new style.

Having said that we could additionally upgrade existing markings simply by relining the designs, enhancing the appearance of your play area and the surrounding areas.

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