Playground Marking Removal

Playground Marking Removal

If you have old thermoplastic markings or painted lines on your play area, we can remove these and replace them with a new set of colourful shapes and designs.

Thermoplastic Marking Designs

Thermoplastic Marking Designs

We have all sorts of different designs and games that can be installed at your facility to help create an exciting and educational play area.

Educational Floor Graphics

Educational Floor Graphics

We have a whole host of different game designs that range from educational fun to classics such as snakes and ladders which kids will enjoy using at school.

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How To Remove Playground Markings

When looking at how to remove playground markings our specialists are able to carry out the role to the highest standards.

Playgrounds are an essential part of school life, without a play area children won't have a place they can blow off steam and relax. It's important that children can have the opportunity to take their mind off learning and enjoy themselves.

We offer all sorts of different services including removing playground markings as well as installation, cleaning and repairs.

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We are able to remove existing thermoplastic playground markings using specialist high pressure water equipment and cleaning techniques to get your area back to a blank canvas. Our team can then apply new marks to suit a new design of your choice.

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Playground Markings Removal

Are you searching for a playground markings removal company?

Our company has a range of experience within removing playground markings, permitting us to execute a number of different expert services that will meet up with the customer's standards.

Our professional workers can apply an assortment of unique patterns and coloured surface graphics which youngsters can enjoy and use to achieve valuable skills.

Our company offers a selection of playground marks to accommodate children of any age, these can include things like character graphics, classic playground markings, and even sports lines.

When implementing sports activities lines you can pick from football, tennis, netball, basketball or all purpose designs, ensuring that the youngsters enjoy playing.

These types of games lines enable local schools to take advantage all-weather surfacing, which means the flooring can also be used in PE lessons.

The nearby thermoplastic playground markings experts can additionally improve or remove old markings that have faded and got worn out with time; enhancing the facility visually for you and the youngsters.

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Playground Marking Services

The use of thermoplastic markings is fast and the end product will undoubtedly be long-lasting and strong through intense usage by kids every day which is why to remove the lines, it could be a bit of a pain.

Our company's professionals are able to carry out servicing and maintenance simply and efficiently for old markings in your surrounding areas.

In case you have old markings and play surface graphics, we can easily upgrade this with an all new brightly coloured thermoplastic play area graphic.

However, we can additionally upgrade old markings simply by reapplying the graphics, enhancing the look a play area. These long lasting line markings are so durable that they can be a real pain to remove.

This is why you should always look for an expert contractor to remove them. It's essential that you don't try cheap out on the costs and prices for this job as it can lead you with unsightly remains left on the surfacing.

Always make sure to use a specialist contractor like ourselves when removing playground markings to make sure that you get a high-quality job and you aren't left with any extra expenditures.

How to Remove Markings

As playground markings professionals we have years of experience and expert knowledge to ensure your facility is perfect for you. To do this, we follow these simple steps;

  1. Discuss with you the markings you would like to be removed
  2. Apply a powerful jet wash
  3. Wait for the graphics to fade

We have all the right tools and equipment on hand to ensure your playground is left in the condition you require.

Whether looking at removing playground markings from a creche or your local nursery, we are able to carry out the process.

Let us know if you would like to find out more information by filling out the contact form provided.

Line Marking Installations Near Me

The recreational surface designs are a form of plastic; they will be installed to a tarmacadam playground by means of heating the images and melting them onto the playground.

You can select from an array of different colours, designs, and specs for the marking designs.

We'll colour the macadam surfacing before applying the play area graphics if required, this makes it resemble a completely new playground since it will be much better and also will ensure the graphics stand out.

The only requirement after the installation has been completed is for you to proactively maintain your surface. The maintenance of a surface can be crucial to ensure that none of the pores become clogged and that none of the graphics fade or become vague over time.

It will allow you to maximize the lifespan of your surface to prevent any damages for as long as possible. These damages can result in large repair costs which could have easily been avoided.

Proactive maintenance strategies will also allow you to spot any damages to your surface as quickly as possible and likely when the damages are small. 


Play surface markings installation is very prominent in schools, playgroups and leisure areas closest to you and we offer many services for this.

Academic patterns tend to be an option, as an example, we might apply snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number tracks; these can encourage the kids to learn skills through getting involved in active games.

Having these fun graphics gives kids a chance to be more active and enjoy playing educative activities. In addition, we can apply patterns that will be based on the kids' nationwide learning curriculum.

Using this method, the primary school's inspection review and scores might be made better because of the potential for kids to learn skills better.

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Other Removal Services We Offer

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