Traditional Hopscotch

Traditional Hopscotch

We have many different designs of hopscotches that can help turn your facility into a good as new playground for the children to enjoy

Hopscotch Thermoplastic

Hopscotch Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic markings are extremely hard wearing and durable meaning that they won't wear down through excessive usage overtime making them a good investment for schools

Hopscotch Specification

Hopscotch Specification

You can tailor the specification as to make sure that you are within your budget without going over on costs

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Hopscotch Thermoplastic Installation

One of our most popular services is hopscotch thermoplastic installation as this is a well-known children's game.

Playgrounds are an essential part of any school or nursery as they allow kids to enjoy time outside. It's essential for pupils to have access to a play area to make sure that they can get the necessary break from learning.

However, we believe that the games implemented in your play area should be able to not only be fun for the children to use but also help them maintain and engaged mind for school.

Hopscotch is one of the key thermoplastic markings that we have on offer.


For more details on the wide range of designs and colours we have available for hopscotch thermoplastic installation, please get in touch with us.

We will gladly send you over some more information with regards to costs and specifications so you can choose the best products for your play area.

Playground Marking Installations Near Me

Our nearby team has a wide range of experience with hopscotch thermoplastic playground markings allowing us to complete the installation of a variety of expert services which should fulfill the customer's expectations.

To help make absolutely sure the children are having a good time our company offers several play markings that are not just useful but also exciting for the kids.

We supply a wide range of recreational surface markings to suit kids of any age, these could incorporate character markings, classic markings, and even competitive sports linings.

For the purpose of competitive sports graphics, our installers may apply football, tennis, netball, basketball and multi-activity designs.

This helps primary schools get the most from all-purpose facilities and enables them to begin using these facilities throughout sports lessons.

As we are recreational surface design professionals, we could also complete refurbishment processes for old lines that could have become fatigued or dull after a while.

If you want to find out more about external thermoplastic markings, look here - to see how you can benefit from the additional features. 

Installation Services

Minimal disturbance to the surface is created by the installation of plastic graphic designs for a hopscotch, as the installation will be completed speedily and is also long lasting and reliable.

Pre-existing graphics could also be fixed and looked after efficiently by the installers.

If you have unwanted and faded play surface designs, we can substitute them through the installation of an all new vividly coloured plastic hopscotch thermoplastic installation playground design.

In case you don’t need the previous graphics to be removed, our company offers a relining process that can upgrade your existing graphics and improve the overall look of your playground.

We always strongly advise that you take a proactive maintenance strategy to be provided with a  number of different advantages.

Not only will this strategy maximise your area's lifespan, it will also help to ensure that no damages occur to a surface. A simple regular bushing session of an area will prevent any dirt from blocking the pores of the surface.

Although this may not seem like such a big deal, the blocked pores can lead to waterlogging and flooding on the surface which is due to the dirt blocking water from passing through and therefore also preventing the drainage system from correctly doing its job.

Waterlogging and flooding can lead to much more serious problems such as permanent damage to the surface if not attended to or prevented. This is why we are always able to assist you with any repairs or other services you may require.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team who will provide you with all answers you need.

You may also find out more here - to see how we could apply paint to your surfacing to give great results. 

How to Install a Thermoplastic Hopscotch

As thermoplastic experts we are able to install a hopscotch in your facility to the highest standards. To carry this out, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush and clean the tarmac surface
  2. Place the thermoplastic hopscotch in your desired location 
  3. Apply heat to plastic and allow it to melt 
  4. Carry out occassional maintenance

We have years of experience and expert knowledge so can provide you with the greatest results, at a great rate.

Look here - to see how a hopscotch can be a great addition to your local play park. Fill out the enquiry form provided or speak to our team today to find out more information. 

Thermoplastic Specifications

These plastic graphics are installed by adding heat to hopscotch markings, which sticks these to a tarmac surface.

These markings are supplied in a wide range of distinct colours, shapes, and specifications that will fit what the client near me wants.

The workers can put on a colour finish on the entire tarmac surface ahead of laying out the brand new designs, this should enhance the overall appearance and characteristics of the playground and its surrounding area.

Several schools, day care centres and recreational areas closest to you currently have thermoplastic play designs installed to a macadam surfacing.

Informative areas are usually a choice, for instance, we could install snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number tracks; these help the kids to learn while participating in energetic games.

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Local people could very well be combined through the installation of these types of playground designs, while also encouraging kids to become a lot more engaged.

Our team will also install surfaces that are related to children’s national learning programme.

Through creating designs of this nature, your school can enhance their Ofsted review by giving students better opportunities to learn outdoors and develop additional skills.

Other Games We Offer

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We may talk you through how we can adjust the price and costs for you to help you maintain your budget.


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