Removing Thermoplastic Markings

Removing Thermoplastic Markings

We offer expert maintenance services to remove existing playground marking which may have faded or become worn out over time, and these can be replaced with new designs.

Play Area Designs

Play Area Designs

We offer play designs that allow children to enjoy lots of fun games during their break whilst still keeping their brains engaged through educational activities.

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Removal of Playground Markings

We offer the removal of playground markings for schools, nurseries, creches and many other facilities.

When thermo plastic markings are installed, they will eventually fade over time due to heavy footfall and weather conditions.

If your facility chooses to remove playground graphics rather than repaint or repair, then we're on hand to give you our expert knowledge. It is always important that you gave expert support to ensure you are left with a safe surface. 

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If you would like to find out more information regarding the removal of playground markings, get in touch with our team today.

We're happy to give you everything you need to know about removing playground markings to get the results you are looking for.

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Playground Specialist Contractors Near Me

We are specialists in the design, installation and construction of playgrounds and preformed playground markings however we're also able to remove old markings as well.

If your play area has existing playground markings on the surface that you no longer require, then we can complete line removal for you leaving your facility clear.

We want all of our clients to have full control over the design of their facility, which is why we offer these different services to ensure that they can create the perfect facility for the children.

Play Area Marking Designs

We can provide a number of products and services in relation to colourful playground preformed marks for schools, day care centres and parks including markings removal.

To make certain the youngsters are having a good time our company offers several playground graphics which are not just useful but exciting for the children which help them to learn whilst at school.

The numerous types of graphics our installers implement can incorporate classic activities, math squares, sports line markings and interactive figures in various colours and patterns.

If a school has existing thermoplastic playground markings, we can remove them and make the surface look brand new again.

For competitive sports graphics, our nearby experts can apply football, tennis, netball basketball and multi-use games area marking designs.

This helps local schools make the best use of all weather facilities and enables them to make use of these surrounding areas throughout PE.

Because we are playground design industry experts closest to you and we're able to additionally apply repair services for old lines that may have grown exhausted or faded with time.

How to Remove Playground Markings

As playground markings removal experts we are able to carry out the process to a high standard. To perform this role, our specialists follow these simple steps;

  1. Talk with you to find the playground markings you would like removed
  2. Apply a powerful jet wash to the area
  3. Wait for the thermoplastic to fade

We have plenty of expereince and knowledge so we are sure to get the results you require.

Our team use a high pressure water jet when removing playground markings. It is important to use a high pressure water jet in a particular way to ensure you don't damage the surfacing when removing playground markings.

Whether you want to remove playground graphics from a school, college, kindergarten or any other facility, we're on hand to help.

Fill out the enquiry for provided if you would like to find out more information or speak to our team today. 

Marking Installation Designs Near Me

The playground markings we apply are made of surface graphics that are installed on top of the required location and heated until they soften and adhere to the tarmacadam flooring.

You can select from a number of different colour choices, styles and technical specs for the playground markings. If necessary, we're able to paint the macadam flooring before we apply the play surface marking designs, which makes the surfacing appear fresh, because it will be much more bright.

It is not uncommon for educational organisations and playgroups to get thermoplastic playground markings applied and throughout the UK.

Academic designs could include snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number games; this is because they have got numbers on and so the youngsters will likely be learning from the exercise.

The community could be combined through these sorts of play area surface graphics, while at the same time helping youngsters to be even more engaged.

The graphics can include grids, hopscotches, maths games and much more! Our team will also install designs which are associated to the pupils' nationwide study curriculum.

By using graphics of this nature, your primary school or high school may be able to increase their inspection report by offering kids better opportunities to be educated outdoors and acquire important skills.


The effective use of plastic play area graphics is quick and the ultimate results are going to be long lasting and hard wearing during intense use by youngsters every single day.

Old markings can have restoration, playground markings removal, and preservation services quickly completed by our own professionals.

In case you have out of date and exhausted playground marks, we will complete a removal and swap these preformed designs with a new vibrantly colorful thermoplastic play surface application.

In the event you do not want the existing playground markings removed, we offer a reapplication service that can transform your old markings and improve the overall aesthetics of the facility.

We may provide a range of different services to ensure that you are completely filled in on the removal of thermoplastic playground markings near you. This could be to provide you with information on a range of different topics or services such as repair or playground markings removal.

Other Removal Services We Offer

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If you would like to learn more about the different graphics and specifications that we have available then please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

We can also offer removing playground markings if you have old markings which are outdated or damaged. Our team can provide a quote for this service along with the installation of new designs.


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