Netball Line Marking Installation

Netball Line Marking Installation

We offer line marking in a huge range of different designs to help allow our clients to choose the ideal facility for themselves.

Linemarking Designs

Linemarking Designs

We offer a huge range of different designs that vary from netball surfacing all the way to playground educational markings

Artificial Sports Court

Artificial Sports Court

Synthetic sports courts are ideal for schools across the country, you cant any surfacing and fit it with suitable line markings to create a sports facility of your choosing

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Netball Court Line Marking

We're able to give a range of expert services including sports court installation and netball court markings to help design the perfect facility for you.

The tasks which we carry out may differ from extensive development of a brand new surface including sport preformed line markings on a playground, to common adjustments and cleaning.


For more information on netball court line marking, please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided contact form. This will allow you to ask all the questions that you still require answers to and can help you to discover all the information you need.

Our team are experts on line marking and can help you with a range of different aspects of sport services we have available.

Playground Court Contractors Near Me

Netball court building is prevalent in many sporting organisations and universities and macadam is one of the most widely used flooring surface choices.

The hard courts flooring is additionally acceptable for different sporting events including tennis and basketball with the correct court markings and lining you can rework the sports surface or playground into a multi purpose games space.

The markings on a space must be maintained proactively to ensure that there are no cases of fading and to stop the lines from becoming vague over time.

This means that even if there are many players playing on the surface regularly, the lines will stay bright to make sure that none of the players are able to injure themselves whilst enjoying the sport.

The brighter lines will also allow the referees to make easier decisions and more correct decisions to avoid controversy anger amongst the players.

Line Marking Design

One other popular surface design is polymeric rubber which is actually prepared simply by using a mixture of rubber granules and specialist glue and is ideal for playgrounds to utilise preformed line markings.

These types of surfaces give excellent ball bounce characteristics and can be installed with anti slip coatings for further playing qualities and improvements to safety.

To help keep each of these solid surfaces in the best condition, we can carry out sport and playground flooring surface routine maintenance to eradicate any kind of debris, garbage or contaminations from the vicinity.

This procedure may be done via flooring brushing and specialised repairs to correct problems on the surrounding area.

This helps keep your nearby playground line markings in best possible condition ensuring the facility stays in top condiiton all year round.

Lining Cleaning Near Me

We use a specialist surface cleanser to clear away any contaminations from the netball court and to be sure there's nothing obstructing the pores.

This sort of brushing should be done proactively on a normal schedule in order to prevent deterioration and draining problems before they begin to create more concerns.

It's important to set up a regular maintenance scheme in order to help keep the court markings visible improving the overall quality of play. The netball line markings can also be made to many specific requested specifications which is common in local schools and educational facilities closest to you.

This is due to the request of a smaller netball facility by primary and junior schools to allow their children to enjoy the sport without worrying about stamina.

Obviously, children have much lower stamina than the players, so a smaller netball court will ensure that they are able to play the sport without the need of running long distances.

The netball hoops are also usually lowered to fit the children's requests as tey are too high for them to shoot.

We are also able to remove court line markings - which you can learn more about and how we carry this out. 

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Netball Services

In an event the netball court has recently suffered with inadequate water drainage, flooding or crevices and holes within your area, repair work may be completed.

Renovations for a hard tarmac surface will comprise of a combination of specialist stone which is applied to rectify the crevices or divots.

On polymeric EPDM areas, a similar strategy of filling out the damaged areas could be done but with a brand new application of EPDM crumb and professional binder available to improve the quality of your pitch.

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Our high quality netball services can be perfect for a number of play parks across the UK.

You can look here - to see how play parks may be improved when a netball surface has been installed.

Our professionals are able to give you the results you require as we have years of experience as well as specialist knowledge. Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

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Lacking any decent netball court servicing approach set up, the surface will have a decreased lifetime mainly because it is often more likely to suffer harm and become problematic where debris develops in the area.

We continually suggest that you carry out consistent checks to the surface to see if you notice any problems regarding cracks, fretting or draining.

We offer the installation of netball markings in so we can come to site and deal with any issues that you may have ruining your facility.


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